Comfort Inn Heritage – 4 Star Luxury Business Hotel Byculla, Mumbai

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. A city that is always bustling with life. A city where cars ply on the roads at all times of the day. Since, it is a financial and an economic hub of India, it is normal to see influx of many businessmen from the country and around the world. Not only is it an economic powerhouse, it has a lot of history thus resulting in abundance of epic tourist spots.

To manage this large influx of people every day, the hotels in Mumbai always try to serve them in the best possible way. There are many hotels in the city and people travelling to Mumbai want some things checked off their list when they plan to stay at a hotel. It can include things like good reputation, luxurious and well-connected. Here, Comfort Inn Heritage becomes are favourable choice.

Upgraded with recent technology and amenities, Comfort Inn Heritage provides you with great comfort and is situated in a well-connected area of the city.  Not only that, it has many of the tourist places in close proximity.

  1. Location: This luxurious 4-star hotel is located in Byculla, South Mumbai. Being located in such an area, the guests can easily reach commercial centres such as Bandra-Kurla Complex, Nariman Point, Worli, Lower Parel, Elphinstone, etc. These locations are important from the busy businessman’s perspective. Reaching on time for a meeting is of utmost priority for them. So, it is a very preferable choice for them. There are various tourist spots which are nearby which is preferred by people who are there to have a good time.
  2. Luxurious: Since, it is a four-star hotel, every treatment is luxurious. They will provide you with comfortable rooms and the posh ambiance will leave you in awe. Get ready for the opulent treatment!
  3. Extra assistance: The staff is hospitable and accommodating. They also take care of your extra needs. If you are celebrating your birthday or you have special dietary needs, they will make sure to keep those things in consideration. They have free Wi-Fi, a doctor’s assistance on call as well. Just call up the front desk and they will be happy to be at your service.
  4. Experiences: The hotel has a nice ambiance and will definitely put you at ease. With the welcoming staff and amazing places to discover after you step out, you are sure in for a great experience.
  5. Conference and Meeting facilities: Since it is one of the sought after 4 star business hotels, they have a Conference and Meeting rooms to allow guests to have quick formal meetings and discuss their agendas. This is definitely a plus point for corporates.
  6. Other amenities: They provide other amenities such as you can ask for directions or any other help at the travel desk. Maybe you might need some help with booking cabs or taxis to go to the airport, they provide that service too.

Overall, Comfort Inn Heritage will treat you in an extravagant manner, leaving you with good memories. They will definitely exceed your expectations and will be true to their name by providing you comfort and luxury.



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