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Getting Medication from Jaslok Hospital: A Brief Overlook

Mumbai has been a reputed medical tourism destination in India. The city boasts some of the top hospitals and medical facilities, comparable to global standards. Jaslok Hospital is a great name for both international and local patients for treating various health-related complications. Ever since 1973, the hospital has maintained the reputation of being a fully-fledged destination with all modern equipment and top doctors in the country.

What Makes This Hospital above Ordinary?

  1. Location: Located near Mumbai Central, near the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Jaslok Hospital is accessible from all parts of the city. Transportation facilities like cabs, local trains, and buses connect most of the city with the hospital. Moreover, there are quite several 4-star Hotels near Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, serving the international and domestic passengers for their comfortable stay.
  2. Different Fields of Treatment: The hospital serves with specialized departments with both outdoor and full-fledged treatment assistance. Thus, for a person coming with a specific illness or issues can consult skilled consultant doctors who will examine in outdoors and will recommend future course of action from the hospital itself.
  3. Complete Pathology Unit: Much with the accordance of modernity, Jaslok Hospital is equipped with some of the advanced and tested means of the pathology department.
  4. Facilities for International Patients: Jaslok Hospital is a prime name among some of the top global destinations. The hospital enforces tender and hospitable treatment to the patient and their family visiting the hospital for treatment. Here are some of the specified assurance given as follows,
    1. Pick up from International Airport: The hospital will make arrangements for wheelchair, beds, and ambulance for patients and transfer them directly to the hospital.
    2. Translators: International patients, who might face language issues, can feel safe as the hospital ensures to accommodate translators from their end.
    3. Food to Suit the Taste: The hospital ensures in arranging food for the visitors and patients accordingly.
    4. Hotel Lookup: There are plenty of hotels near the vicinity of the area. One of the reputed 4-star hotels near Jaslok Hospital is Comfort Inn Heritage that has good accessibility with the hospital.

What are some other services provided by the Hospital?

Jaslok Hospital is a comprehensive name in Mumbai having one of the leading blood banks in the city. Also, for emergency services, there is a hotline number, which ensures to send an ambulance and critical medical assistance in the time of urgency.

The hospital also assists patients in requiring different implants and consumables. This includes incorporating pacemakers and stents on patients requiring them.

Final thoughts over Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital is a trusted name in the city and has a legacy of close to 50 years. The destination has received innumerable awards ever since its first year of operations on different segments. With services and comprehensive assistance to patients, Jaslok Hospital attracts both Indian and International patients. Patients visiting Mumbai can stay at Comfort Inn Heritage, one of the 4-star hotels near top South Mumbai hospitals. The hotel offers top-notch customer service and modern amenities for your comfortable stay.

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